Luella x Silkworth Charity

Luella x Silkworth Charity

Our Founder and Director, Lauren Burnett has been very open and honest about her personal struggles with addiction.

" When I set up my business I wanted to include why my purpose and drive is so insatiable and that is because I've fought every step of the way to be where I am. 

I began using drugs age 13 and by 14 - 15 I was on the life spiralled out of control rolling from one traumatic event to another until I found 12 step recovery."

" I believe that by recovering loudly we stop people dying quietly"

I wanted to incorporate recovery with the brand so thought by working with a correctional facility HMP La Moye, in particular the woman's wing especially as women in jail have statistically more drug problems than men.

Gender is an important factor here. Women prisoners make up just 3-10% of the prison population in most Western countries, have more complex needs, and often engage in greater levels of drug taking and self-harm (e.g. Corston 2007).

Because Lauren had suffered from a head injury in active addiction she wanted to create a hat collection, in which the female wing learnt how to use our sewing machines and produced our suede hat collection. We give the profits from our sales to Silkworth Charity Group which run the only 12 step rehabilitation home in the Channel Islands. 

These caps are avaliable online and in Voisins Department Store Jersey.




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