TT Boxing for Silkworth

TT Boxing for Silkworth

Back in December 2019 I took up a big challenge of fighting in a White Collar Boxing show. It was a 12 week camp of intense training which resulted in being matched with someone of similar ability and weight.

I have grown up around boxing with my dad being a boxer then my brother. I always hugely admired the sport especially the dedication, passion and commitment, it is very extreme and at times reflected the same persistence within my active addiction, i noticed a lot of links between boxing and addiction.  It is almost like you have to be addicted to the win, the chase the struggle in training camps to get the glory but then all over too soon and another push and drive to fight again.  It did make me reflect on my addiction.

Therefore I wanted to fight for my favourite charity, Silkworth Charity Group which run a 12 step addiction centre in the Channel Islands that have restored my nearest and dearest to sanity after the shackles of addiction have taken their soul and esteem.

The director of Silkworth Charity Group also partook in the training and show which was such a cool experience.  I felt at times in the ring


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