Fostering & Adoption Jersey

Fostering & Adoption Jersey

Lauren Burnett our Director and Founder of Luella Rockerfella is a huge advocate for Fostering and is also a foster carer.

" I had a very difficult teenage years and was placed in care for a period of time.  I had older women who i was influenced by who tried to guide me to a better direction, these older girls meant the World to me.  Especially one, Hayley, who I call my sister as the nurture and compassion she shown me was so important at that time in my life.  I knew I wanted to be THAT person for another teenage it forward. " Lauren said

"It has been a hugely cathartic experience for me to use my past and pain to help another.  It helped during Covid and through personal issues as I knew I had younger influential eyes watching me so I knew I had to make the right moves so my foster teenager knew that there are healthy coping mechanisms to dealing with trauma." Lauren added

"Fostering has enriched my life and I see my foster teen develop and make better choices for her future it fills me with love and pride. She is my little sister."

If you have ever thought of fostering please come and chat to us!
If you have any more queries or questions on Fostering please call our duty line on 443970 or visit our website below.


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