My #GirlGangster crew.

My #GirlGangster crew.

 My Nan - Who I really take after!

My Nan is a free and wild spirit. She grew up in Toxteth Liverpool and was a single mum young. She worked in the Woolworths in park road in Dingle. Norma Rigby is a passionate all or nothing type of woman. When I was younger i thought she was the most glamorous woman in Liverpool. All the Scouse woman in my family help mould and shape the glamour and grit within me along with a sprinkle of a wicked sense of humour.


Luella - My reason

She really is the light of the Universe and we are all privileged that her magic and sparkle graces this planet now. Luella is the purest, cutest girl full of innocence and unicorns.  Luella is everything I dreamed of and more. She will always be my muse and the fact she is adamant she wants to be a fashion designer and take over the business definitely serves as a drive!

Ashlyn - My Inspiration

I started mentoring Ashlyn when she was 15 years old by teaching her to box. I was training for a white collar fight and we trained together a lot of the times. When she was 16 I fostered her. It was so tough as the following month Covid hit and lockdown. I was so triggered from being hospitalised in ICU four times with my lungs, then my relationship broke down.  We supported each other and through her I managed to see and heal a lot of my own inner child wounds. Ashlyn is so special to me I will forever be by her side no matter her age. Family isn't always blood but she is my family.


 Elsa - My Support

Elsa has been a dear friend to me since we were teenagers..her energy can sometimes seem frantic but she has a heart of gold and some wicked one liners that will have us in stitches.  We both went down the road of addiction and scrambled our way our of the pits of despair. We lean on each other in times of need.  Elsa helps me produce my beanies when we need additional stock. I love her.

Cassie - My Drive

Cassie my beautiful light, life, soul taken far too soon. Ive never been so affected by the passing of a friend as I was Cassie and I really think its because she was one of the most purest, non judgemental souls I have ever witnessed.  Cassie used to be my little brothers girlfriend and i immediately bonded to her. When i was an addict i used to visit her in Liverpool and there was never any judgement just love. I wish I would of known my time with her was limited.  Cassie keeps me sober. I think of her smiling watching me and i walk righteous.

Joelle - Rising Signs / TPA - My BFF

Joelle has been my best friend since we were 12. Our friendship reminds me of the friendship in the movie Beaches with Bette Midler. I had come back from visiting my nan in Liverpool and we had been to Blackpool to see Little and Large comedians who did a rendition of Shirley Bassey's hey big spender so I was outside Boots in our town centre performing a rendition always such a drama queen but she said from that moment she wanted to be my friend! Our friendship has transcended many chapters but is still Joelle owns Rising Signs website and is beautiful, passionate and driven but grounded I value her friendship dearly.

Steph - Brighton - My BFF

Steph and I have been friends since Green Street nursery school! We later went to the same secondary school and were rivals when it came to dominating the boys attention!!  But in later years we gravitated back to each other. A Queen always recognises another. Stephs optimisim and strength in adversity has always been inspiring to me and her hair flip and " Darling who gives a fuck what they think!" Always put me straight!! Steph now works at Toni & Guy in Brighton as a top stylist and colourist! #GirlGangster


Katy - Bali - My BFF

Katy is my Gemini best friend...classic Gemini too. Katy was the first out of us to open a business Moo a health food cafe and the books she read to expand her vison kept me inspired. There were times in my active addiction when she would drop me sketch books and photography books tring to evoke the art and creativity out of me. I really value her for that. Katy is a free spirit and I love her like a sister. Katy lives in Bali now and is happy.

Joelle - Mind & Moves 

Love my other Joelle!! Since the day I met her she has brought so much light and laughter. Joelle is a strong, proud and powerful woman. Joelle brings out the absolute powerhouse in me and also reminds me to be unapologetically who I am and not give a fuck what others think of me, as long as its belly laughs who cares!

Plumm - Sober Sister

Well if I ever needed a physical sign of my higher power doing exists in Plumm. I was in a really dark spot in my life and my friend Joelle introduced us and for us both to be in recovery helping each other has been so spiritually securing.  I love her company, style, zest for life and creative vision. 

Laura - Kindness Queen

My beautiful friend Laura always there in dark moments too whether it be a wee card or hug to cheer you up. We both grew up with Scottish and Scouse parents so I think we have a similar humour and we share the same music taste too. Heart of gold with impeccable style.

Nikki G - Yin Yoga 

My Spirit Mummy. I met Nikki in Australia through my honorary big sister Hayley, who coincidently was what I am to Ashlyn she is to me. Nikki started planting seeds of spirituality before I even found recovery and faith. Nikki understands trauma and has a lot of holistic coping mechanisms that have really helped me


Nanda - Make Up by Nanda

My cheerleader. Nanda is always there to remind me who I am when I have lost my way. Nanda is the most talented make up artist and always creates such bomb looks on me and my models. Nanda is fierce and fearless but with the biggest heart!

Karis - Musician/psychiatry

My Muso. Karis and I have rocked out to Oasis most our lives and we will be at Knebworth this year too. Karis, Joelle, Katy and Steph we have been BFF since we were townie chavs running the mean streets of St Helier. Karis is such a talented musician too and has depth and meaning to everything she does. 

Lori - Lori Muldoon Designs - Lean on Me

My beautiful Irish Rose. Cassie brought us together when they shared a flat in Liverpool at University. After Cassie's passing, Lori, Layla and myself we really leant on each otherfpr support. We had a cathartic trip to Donegal one I shall never forget. Love these girls. Through darkness there is always light.

My Mum - My Rock 

My mum is my truest most loyal friend I have!!  Gill doesn't even wait to see if im in the right she's right there backing me! My mum is an absolute Bettie...quote from Clueless! My mum is timeless chic and classic but with a twist of a dark sense of humour. My mother taught me how to be kind, to give and receive love, she defended us and was fiercely loyal whether we were wrong or right she'd defend us but would tell us behind closed doors if we were wrong. Gill is the strongest most glamorous woman I have ever met.


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