Staying fit and healthy

Staying fit and healthy

Healthy body equals a healthy mind.....Part of my recovery is keeping a strict fitness regime. Be it boxing, cardio training, yoga, or circuit training.  Releasing those good endorphins replaces the toxic highs I used to chase for a natural release of serotonin and sense of achievement.

I love boxing for channelling anger and pent up frustrations. Nothing better than putting on some war music and getting in the zone and dripping with sweat.

For balance and stretching, I love yoga. My favourite type of yoga is Yin Yoga as it is long held stretches and provides me with the Yin I need to my yang training. Also I like to try quite my mind. I think practising yoga in a hot environment helps your muscles so I absolutely LOVE hot pod yoga!

 I also started pole dancing at Uber Edge Jersey. Nikki who runs the classes is a bad ass bitch, she was super empowering. I went to her a bit broken after a break up and she held a safe space for me and gave me loads of confidence. It was a running joke between me and my friends how I have no rhythm but pole dancing was different. It gets harder as the holds develop but its an amazing work out whist learning a new skill. 

Places I train and keep fit.

Uber Edge Dance - Pole Dancing

Boxing circuit classes.

Circuit training and personal fitness

Hot yoga in a pod, with lush essential oil vapour 





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