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Luella Rockerfella Beanie Hat

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Luella Rockerfella Beanie Hat

Accent your outfits with a stylish black colour with a tight acrylic construction for soft warmth and a great fit .Nice logo tag on the fold-over cuff. Female prisoners help to sew on the tags for 80% of our hats and we give the profits to Jersey Action Against Rape. Females helping females! Girl Power!

    • Tight knit construction.

    • Fold-over cuff.

    • 80% acrylic.

    • 20% Wool blend


Luella Rockerfella Beanie Hat

All the proceeds of our Grey, Plum and Purple hats  goes to Jersey Action Against Rape. Here is a press release that the law firm Le Gallais and Luce have written about this very special project.

‘At Le Gallais & Luce we decided that we wanted Jersey Action Against Rape (JAAR) to be one of our chosen charities for the year due to the large amount of islanders who have used the services available since the set up just over 1 year ago. Sexual assault is obviously a prevalent issue and one that we would be thrilled to support to help continue the on going work.

In order to raise money we thought as a year long idea we could release beanie hats for both males and females to wear. We contacted Lauren who owns Luella Rockerfella, as a woman who set up her own fashion business it was a perfect fit. In terms of the production, Lauren Burnett from Luella Rockerfella contacted HMP La Moye prison, where it was agreed that a female prisoner would be eager to help with the labour for this great cause, women helping women and giving back to our community.

All start up costs will be given from Le Gallais & Luce with thereafter profits being donated to JAAR. There will be a range of colours that will be perfect for all outfits to take you from spring right through to the winter.


Accent your outfits with a stylish black colour with a tight acrylic construction for soft warmth and a Yea.Nice logo tag on the fold-over cuff.

Luella Rockerfella is a brand built on No Intimidation, No Limitation, No Imitation and No Judgement. We believe in being free to be your true self and to celebrate who you are.

We believe fashion and style has nothing to do with the amount of money you have. Money can not buy you style.

Every style is celebrated and welcome. Those who dare to be different will be celebrated.

Luella Rockerfella loves 90s style especially RNB 90s. Yet we do not prefer one genre or subculture we appreciate them all.

"A smile shines louder than a thousand diamonds".

The beanie hats are sourced from the U.K. and the tag printing is done in our home island Jersey Channel Islands.

They are cut buy hand and individually sewn on by an on island seamstress.



Great elasticity in the beanie hats.

Current, retro and always on point!