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The London Look

The London Look

At Luella Rockerfella we wanted to launch our new London Look collection with a sick ass photo shoot!

The London Look Shop the Lace Mesh Dress

The theme for this collection came from the inspiration our director, Lauren (#girlboss) has always found in London style especially whilst she was living in Camden town. Her personal style is influenced greatly by the punks that congregate at the foot of the loch and the great thing about this look is that it doesn’t stop at clothing, the style has scope across jewellery, hairstyle, cosmetics and even body modification (piercings and tattoos – if your brave enough!). Designers like Vivienne Westwood have always been heavily influenced by this trend.

The London Look Shop Cheap Monday Skinny Fit Shorts

Punk has and will always be a strong trend but trends are apt for change, and the current London style scene seems to be happening in some of the newer, up-and-coming areas of the city. Right now Shoreditch is pushing the style stakes high with an eclectic mix of young creatives, fashionistas and innovators. Visiting this area of the city always offers a lot of inspiration for our buying team and has resulted in our amazing new collection which is heavily influenced by this inner city district. Check out our The London Look collection online.

The London Look Shop the Zipped Light Suede Dress (Also available in Burnt Orange)

Pulling a great look, a great venue, a great model, a great photographer and a great vision together is no small task but we knew this was exactly what we needed to do to show you this awesome new collection in all it’s glory.

We started with the venue and where else would we shoot the campaign other than the place that inspired the collection – Shoreditch!! The LR team rocked up to a very unique venue called the Village Underground, which positions itself as “part creative community, part arts venue” – YES! We’re in!!

Not only did the venue and area connect well with the LR brand in the creativity stakes it also had a real feel good factor with the work the venue was doing in helping up-and-coming creatives to get a foothold in London. Offering affordable studios within four tube carriages and two shipping containers which have been converted into co-working spaces. Affordable and urban chic! – what more could you want as an ambitious creative in a big city.

The Village Underground London

So we had the creative yet urban and industrial feel nailed with the venue, next we brought onboard a fantastic fashion photographer Marc Hayden and amazing fashion model Charlotte Pallister to help bring it all together. Check out our brand rep Charlotte in one of her shots with David Gandy below, she has also shot campaigns for Agent Provocateur and of course Luella Rockerfella!

The London Look Charlotte Pallister staring with David GandyThe London Look

The shoot took place in the venues underground turn-of the-century renovated warehouse which is normally home to anything from concerts and club nights to exhibitions, theatre, live art and other performances. We knew we were in the right place to get the vibe we were after.

In celebration of our London Look campaign you will notice that the website is all red bricked out showcasing our new collection – ready for all you rockers to find the perfect urban summer look.

Choker Black Dress Shop the Choker Black Dress

White Plunge Mesh Dress Shop the White Plunge Mesh Dress

Oversized Light Denim Jacket Shop the Oversized Light Denim Jacket and Mom style Jean Shorts

Motel Rib Blue Dress Shop the Motel Rib Blue Dress

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